6&8 + Day Before Us // Ma Propre Fable, un Dimanche (digital) (AFT009)

A collaborative effort between 6&8 and Day Before Us. Ma Propre Fable, un Dimanche has a certain elegance that flutters about unhinged. Broken fables—esoteric folklore, the narrative tracks through a series of disarrayed rooms while stuttering and circling time.

The title consists of seven tracks of thirty-six minutes and is available for download in numerous loseless audio formats. The download also includes a high-resolution photo-set by visual artist Francesca Parita.

2013 . AFT009 . 36M . WAV/MP3-320/FLAC

01 In (01:37)
02 Room 1 (06:27)
03 Room 2 (06:48)
04 Room 3 (05:00)
05 Room 4 (05:25)
06 Room 5 (08:28)
07 Out (02:00)

6&8 is the work of Jessica Peace and Rory McCormick. Jessica is a poet and spoken word enthusiast studying at GoldSmiths University, London, who has been writing poetry for herself and others for a number of years. Rory McCormick is an electronic half responsible for sonifying Jessica's words, or embellishing breeds of ambient electronic music with cuts of her voice, field recordings and tin-pot kling klang.

Day Before Us is the pseudonym of Philippe Blache, a semi-classical / ambient project that sees him creating varying textures with piano, guitar, electronics and other hazy nostalgicia. He's put out several limited edition physical releases on a number of independent net labels. Philippe comes from France and has collaborated with a number of other acts. See morehere.

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