FRANCISCO MEIRINO // An Extended Meaning for Something Meaningless (cd) (AFT008)

Francisco Meirino‘s "An Extended Meaning For Something Meaningless" uncovers deep hidden contexts from the decaying fringe of the sonic spectrum. We find ornate beauty in the subtle demise of electronic systems and explore the arcane apprehensions of existential degeneration.

The recording looks at how to create something out of almost nothing; basic field recordings, static electronics and failed tape experiments. It‘s a 16-channel multitrack piece, were reel-to-reel tapes meet modular synth sounds mixed with unprocessed field recordings from night walks in Osaka to hydrophonic sewer recordings.

The project started as a piece that Francisco was working on for a live diffusion on 14 speakers for the french festival Kontact Sonores. He soon decided to re-edit the piece and turn it into a full-length studio album.

2013 . AFT008 . 43M . PRO-DUBBED

Untitled 01 (11:40)
Untitled 02 (15:35)
Untitled 03 (16:44)

Assembled at Shiver Mobile (2012-2013)
Sleeve design/letterpress by Ben Owen at Middle Press, Brooklyn NY.

$10 CD

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