APE EXPLORER // Family Hole (c38) AFT007

Cassette (edition of 50) + Digital
2013 | 9 tracks | 38m | pro-dubbed


We here present THE ARTEFACT; first physical vessel of the Ape, soundscape narrative embedded within cassette capsule of 38 minute length - some evoked vision - smoked fire hole, gathered hill-tribe with hallucination of past life, primal exploration. Ape Explorer's 'Family Hole' is a homeless drunk, mumbling the secrets of the universe in solitude, secrets that can only be glimpsed and relayed through a fog of addled insensibility; obscure cosmic truths melted and corrupted into forms not meant to hold them.  Like a broken cassette holding an incomprehensible Ultimate Answer.

Encased in a pink shell, the release includes a full color, 2 sided j-card insert housed in a clear plastic Norelco case. The cassette also includes immediate access to the digital version which is available in numerous lossless audio formats.

Side A
01 Nightsweats (03:40)
02 He Stabs Himself in the Eye
with the Crystal to Gain Her
Power (04:20)
03 Water Lurker (04:46)
04 Flashback (Boredism) (01:24)
05 Flashback (Billy's Green) (04:11)
Side B
01 Goatmilk Baba 03:50
02 Flashback (2044) (06:01)
03 Reptillian (Preist Hole) (02:46)
04 Puh Guh Xplor (04:41)

$8 North America / $10 Worldwide (Cassette)
$4 Digital
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