PRADA & OREGON // His Past of Heaven-Floor Permanents - Her Lufa (c35) (AFT006)

Radiant and ethereal synth layers shimmer and merge throughout this 35 minute release by Prada & Oregon - a project of Susan Balmar.

Composed from multiple cassette loops, each one exists as a separate entity. Evolving over time, these finally coalesce to become a requiem to death itself.

Like a dream-creature, it sits and gathers sounds around itself, creating a sonic fur of surreal lustrous brilliance. Otherworldly and inhuman but completely intuitive—it seems so organic as to be almost sentient—listening to you while you listen to it, as confused and bewildered as you are. This is a tape with two sides but 13 dimensions.

2013 . AFT006 . 35m . PRO-DUBBED

A1 Everything Turning Into a 5L Bottle of PVA (17:00)

B1 Her Margin of the Great Mao Eastern Barrier (17:49)

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