KEEP SHEILA ON ACID // Erotic Theology (c34) (AFT004)

Cassette (edition / 50) + Digital
2013 | 9 tracks | 34m | pro-dubbed

In this, the second Keep Sheila On Acid offering, the project carves it's smoky vision returning to abandon all reason and illuminate the delicate undertones of a hidden aural frenzy. The collection of nine tracks embody an obscure devoid doctrine that explores the subconscious and leaves the listener lost in a harmonious auditory hallucination.

This release is professionally dubbed on BASF-EMTEC Chrome+ Extra tape. Included is a full color, 2 sided j-card housed in a clear plastic Norelco case. The cassette purchase also includes immediate access to the digital version which is available in numerous lossless audio formats.

Side A
01 Between Margins (02:07)
02 Painted Geography (02:25)
03 Sphinx Blood (07:03)
04 Acoustic Shadow (04:50)
Side B
01 Prophets Silence is Deafening (03:54)
02 Prequel to Civilization (01:54)
03 Color Signals Polarized (04:08)
04 Facsimiles of the Earths Core (02:12)
05 Motionless Delicate Murmur (04:00)

$8 North America / $10 Worldwide (Cassette)
$4 Digital
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