VARIOUS ARTISTS // A Practical Application Of An Abstract Ideal (digital) AFTDIGI1

Our narrative begins with this wonderful compilation from beyond the faint horizon of a lost tundra. Here, we forge the characteristics of a dying language, betray the splendour, and gain a glimpse of the great beyond. After centuries, almost by accident these inchoate connections appear to weave a historical determinism, fit for broken archaeology and interrupting the transit of choreographed silence.

We'd like to thank the artists involved in supporting the progression of this experience. Please support these guys so they will continue to forge awkward climates and expose streams of isolated memes.

2013 . 10 TRACKS

01. OH/EX/OH - The House In The Woods (03:50)
02. CONCRETISM - Numbers [‘13 edit] (04:19)
03. KEEP SHEILA ON ACID - Abiogenesis (02:25)
04. RANGEFINDER - Bermuda (02:53)
05. VLGR GRLZ - Tropical Misgivings (10:05)
06. SYNEK - What We’ve Built Destroyed Us (06:32)
07. KEEP SHEILA ON ACID - Subtle Are Verbs Like Motion, Interjections And Lists (01:54)
08. OH/EX/OH - (With Nova) A New Beginning (04:49)
09. VLGR GRLZ - Arecibo (06:10)
10. PRIMITIVE EAR - Another Planet Up His Sleeve (04:54)